What is mind?

When conscious, you are experiencing your mind...only! Nothing else.

Your mind is not only thoughts; by definition, whatever you experience at the given moment comprises your mind. For instance, your mind may contain various sensory perceptions (comprising the 3D physical world you experience), emotions, feelings, memories, imaginations, dreams, ideas, thoughts, intuition, etc.

In other words, your mind encapsulates your consciousness of the world; in fact, it is the world you are conscious of. This is very important to understand clearly. Your mind is in itself the world you experience at any given time, be it a dream in sleep-state or a physical world you experience in wake-state.  

[CLICK HERE for a revealing poem about the Human Mind.]

Your mind is the only thing you will ever experience in life. Therefore, the scientific quest of reality or the journey to reach self-realization begins with the investigation and insight of the mind. To know your mind's reality is to know your reality. The key is to identify your mind correctly. What is your mind? Where is your mind?

The answer to the question, 'what is your mind?', should become obvious: As mentioned, your mind is literally the very world (yes, including the 3D physical world) you experience. This becomes evident when the scientific information about the brain-mind system is rationally apprehended and clearly understood. 

Hitherto, the enlightening answer to 'what is the mind?' question remained obscured to most people largely due to the misidentification of the mind and the experiential world—the 'experiential world' had been misidentified as the 'real world'. It is for this reason, people have also failed to realize 'where' the mind actualizes as consciousness. A person's mind manifests in a parallel realm. 

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What is Mind Dimension?

Where does the mind actualize as consciousness? The mind emanates from the brain, but do you experience it as being inside your brain? No! So, where is your mind? Do you know? Most people don't! 

When you get down to it and when you finally attain to the scientific insight of your reality, you'll realize that your mind is a manifestation in an altogether separate parallel realm of your existence, the Mind Dimension. [Note on 'Dimension'.]

So where then is the Mind Dimension? Ask yourself this: Where is my mind localized as I experience it? [ANSWER]

A deep scientific scrutiny of the brain-mind system brings clear awareness of this fact: "There are two realms of our existence, the Mind Dimension and the Real Dimension." [SEE GRAPHIC ILLUSTRATION]  

Your mind in the Mind Dimension is your virtual-reality system interface to the real world in the Real Dimension. The seemingly colossal physical world you experience is generated by your own brain-mind system and manifested in the Mind Dimension. The real world in the Real Dimension cannot be directly experienced. [Note on the 'representational world' in the Mind Dimension.]

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What is Real Dimension?

Real Dimension is the parallel realm in which exists the real world external to one's mind. In other words, by definition, the Real Dimension includes everything outside the realm of one's mind in the Mind Dimension. [SEE GRAPHIC ILLUSTRATION]

Anything real, for instance, the real Sun, the real Moon, the real Earth, your real house, your real body, your real brain, your neurons, real atoms, real photons, the instrumentally detectable neuroelectrical signals, and so on, exists in the Real Dimension. 

We cannot experience the Real Dimension. We only experience our own mind in the Mind Dimension. [SEE GRAPHIC ILLUSTRATION]

[Click here for discussion on our knowledge of the real world in  Real Dimension.]

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What is consciousness? What is PMM?

Consciousness exalts life! While an unconscious person can still remain alive with proper life support, without consciousness life becomes unconstitutional. But, what do we mean by 'consciousness?' Well, your consciousness is what constitutes your mind in the Mind Dimension—it is the world you experience, including the perceived-self. 

Your consciousness is the very thing you experience. That thing, whatever it is you experience, be it physical, emotional, or conceptual, it is itself composed of your own 'consciousness stuff' comprising your mind. When you are conscious, there is only your consciousness in manifestation. Nothing else. 

It is incorrect to even say, 'you are conscious of something.' A subject conscious of an object is a great illusion. The object the subject is conscious of (so to speak) is itself part of the subject's real body, the mind. Even the experience of the perceived-self is the subject's own mind. Fact is: the perceived-self and the perceived-object both comprise the phenomenon of consciousness constituting the mind. 

Anything you experience is composed of your own consciousness, or more specifically, composed of the 'consciousness stuff' (comprising your mind) referred to as the perceptual-mind-medium (PMM).  [Click Here]

Simply put, the perceived 3D physical world, with perceptions of all the external and internal events, that you experience are but composed of PMMs manifested in the Mind Dimension. Each type of sense has its own unique types of PMMs; for instance, various types of color PMMs, various types of sound PMMs, various types of smell PMMs, various types of somatic PMMs, and so on. Even experiences of mind-space, mind-time, emotions, thoughts, hunger, thirst, etc. are composed of unique kinds of PMMs. 


Specific type of PMMs emanate from specific regions of your brain and  manifest in the Mind Dimension as specific kinds of consciousness. Each type of PMM is unique; hence one type of PMM (sense) cannot be described in terms of another (sense). Any given PMM can only be described in terms of its own kind of PMM. For instance, a red color PMM can only be described in terms of red color PMM, not in terms of blue color PMM, touch PMM, or sound PMM, etc.

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What is mind-matter?

The stuff we experience and think is matter, is but mind-matter, not real matter.

The physical material world of human experience comprised of physical things with physical characteristics is but a world comprised of mind-matter, mind-space, and mind-time manifestations in the Mind Dimension. 

Mind-matter is composed of various PMMs manifested in the Mind Dimension. Mind-matter is not real matter. We cannot even say that there is real matter—our idea of real matter is based on our perception of mind-matter. The characteristics of mind-matter cannot be directly deemed as those of real matter. Nobody has ever experienced real matter (or energy), as such, in the Real Dimension, only mind-matter (mind-energy) in the Mind Dimension.

It is mind-matter that manifests in the Mind Dimension with perceptual characteristics of solid, liquid, and gases; with perceptual characteristics of form, shape, structure, texture, color, etc. Furthermore, these are characteristics of human consciousness that perhaps only human beings may be designed to experience in the Mind Dimension—we don't know what the case may be with other organisms—other animals and life forms may have other kinds of experiences of the world in their minds in the Mind Dimension. In other words, different species are designed to experience different unique types of mind-matter PMMs in their minds in the Mind Dimension.

More content on this and other topics will be added to this website later, in successive stages. For now, you are welcome to read the book, Mind Dimension. You are also welcome to attend Ashoi's lectures.

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What is mind-space?

The stuff we experience and think is space, is but mind-space, not real space.

The space we conventionally refer to as vacuous space; the Newton’s and Einstein’s space; the space we have been studying in sciences throughout history; the space our corporeal bodies occupy; the space we move within on earth and on our way to the moon; the space in which light travels through the galaxies; the space that is all-pervasive and encompassing the universe—well, surprisingly the space we experience in our sensory perceptions is none of that!

Hitherto, we have defined 'space' as 'three-dimensional (3D) expanse that's coextensive with everything as it pervades the entire universe.' But, such definitions have wrongly mixed up the attributes of two different types of so-called 'space,' the mind-space, and the real space. The real space coextends with the real universe, but that real space may not be 3D; in fact, scientist have proclaimed real space to be eleven dimensions or more. On the other hand, we experience a 3D spatial world. Obviously then, the stuff we experience is not real space; it is not even a type of real space—it is but mind-space, composed of mind-space PMMs, generated by a human brain-mind system and manifested as 3D expanse in a human mind in the Mind Dimension. [Note: It is in the Mind Dimension where the spatial world of human experience is 3D, not in the real world in the Real Dimension.]

Let’s say, for instance, you are looking at an airplane in the sky. Let’s also assume that you, like most other people, have only a moderate understanding of truth. Then it may surprise you to find out that you are not looking at the real airplane or the real sky. Even the space you are looking at as the earth’s atmosphere (the space you experience as extending from you to the so-called airplane and the sky), and beyond into the depths of perceived outer space, is not the space you think it is. You have never seen real space; you have never seen a real airplane; you have never experienced the real world that's in the Real Dimension. You are merely looking at 3D mind-space pervading a virtual-reality 3D world in the Mind Dimension. Not only vision, but when you experience the world with any of your senses, you don't experience real space, you only experience mind-space in the Mind Dimension.

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What is mind-time?

The stuff we experience and think is time, is but mind-time, not real time.

In a time driven human society, it stuns people to learn that no human being has ever experienced the time in which the real universe exists. When people talk of 'time,' which time are they referring to—mind-time or real time? People use the term ‘time’ as though there was only one kind, the real kind—this mistake is but inherent within the delusiveness of the human experience being that of the real world in its absolute present moment. In science the real time is a physical dimension that’s woven with the physical dimensions of real space, together constituting the so-called fabric of space-time (spacetime) of the real world in the Real Dimension. That said, it is important to clearly understand the following fact: Nobody has ever experienced the so-called real time of spacetime, just as nobody has ever experienced the real space of spacetime.

Mind-time refers to our temporal experience, not the real time in which the real world exists.  A human experience of mind-time or mind-timeline are manifestations of human mind-time PMMs in the Mind Dimension. Human mind-time manifests in various ways, but none of that is real time experience. In fact, no human being experiences the real present moment of time in his/her experience of 'now!' Nobody has ever experienced even a single moment of so-called time  or real time—we experience mind-time...period.

Our ordinary experiences of our 3D spatial temporal worlds are simply paradoxical. For instance, the perceived world manifested in the present moment mind-time is comprised of something like a mosaic of contextual time events sometimes ranging millions of years apart in the relative real time. It's awesome! Only when you have attained a deep insight of your reality, and clearly understood the characteristics of your virtual-reality world, you can appreciate the magnificent design (of Nature's Designer) at work here in the two realms of our existence, the Mind Dimension and the Real Dimension. 

It is beyond the present scope of this website to discuss the numerous interesting issues of mind-time, mind-timeline, and other related issues. However, you are welcome to read the book, Mind Dimension, and attend Ashoi's lectures.

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What is visual-image?

What do we see in vision perception? [Note: Watch the 3 Videos.

The photoreceptors in the eyes get stimulated by real light; the eyes send signals to the brain; the brain processes the signals and after a complex process the brain-mind system manifests an image of the 3D physical world in the Mind Dimension. It is but an image a human being experiences as the visual world in vision perception at any given moment—it is referred to as the visual-image

Of course the visual-image appears real, as though it were the real world, but the real world is not being looked at, at all. A human being cannot see anything in the real world in the Real Dimension. A human being can only see visual-images in the Mind Dimension. When looking at anything, it is but the visual-image that is experienced as being seen, looked at, in vision perception.

Visual-image is comprised of a variety of visual PMMs. Each color has its own PMMs. Even visual shapes, forms, textures, etc., are manifestations of unique kinds of PMMs that are related to what is referred to as the meta-impressions (see link) as well as other aspects of the spatio-temporal mind.

Furthermore, the visual-image is not a linear representation of the real world outside. The visual-image is fragmented, distorted, and many a times manifested with fictitious elements that do not exist in the real world. In other words, a person may see things that are not really there.  

The book covers many interesting aspects of the human visual-image related to many other aspects of the human mind. You are welcome to read the book and also attend Ashoi's free lectures for deeper insight of your mind and reality. 

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What is mind-light?

The stuff we experience as bright and colorful, and think it is light, is not real light, it is but mind-light.

Visual-image is comprised of mind-light. Mind-light manifests as variety of visual PMMs composing the visual-image manifested in the Mind Dimension. Mind-light is what’s visible. Real light is invisible. Mind-light is chromatic; real light is colorless. 

Mind-light is bright as well as dark; real light is neither. Metaphorically, we can say that the real light is as dark as the space it travels in, but don't mistake the real world to be dark either. Bright and dark are both aspects of mind-light. You wouldn't be able to experience darkness, unless it was manifested with darkness PMMs, i.e., mind-light PMMs that appear as darkness. Not only the brilliant colors of our human experience, but also the color black is but black color PMM manifesting as black in the Mind Dimension. [Disclaimer]

While the electromagnetic field (EMF) spectrum is very broad, real light, here, pertains to the range of the EMF radiation that stimulate the photoreceptors in the human eyes. The real light that enters the eyes does not travel to the brain as such—the receptors transmute the energy and produce their own neuroelectrical signals that are sent to the brain for processing. In other words, the role of real light that enters the eye ends at the eye. And as eyes are mere cameras, they don't see (can't see) anything, the real light is never experienced. 

The book covers many interesting aspects of the human sensory perception system using analogical examples of vision to elucidate the facts. You are welcome to read the book or attend Ashoi's discourses for deep insights of the various aspects of sensory perceptions and other aspects of your mind and thus your reality.

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What is meta-impression?

The most important aspect of human consciousness in the Mind Dimension is perhaps meta-impression. When we have a thought or an idea, when we imagine a scene or reminisce something from the past, when we remember a person or a thing, when we dream in sleep, when we experience sensory perceptions in wake-state, when we experience physical forms, shapes, and structure, appreciate beauty, think reason, and understand logic, when we have doubts, make judgments, or entertain beliefs,  etc., basically when we experience anything in consciousness that is information based (manifestation of information) we experience the associated meta-impressions in the mind.

Meta-impressions are conjunctively experienced when you vividly experience a given sensory perception. Each sensory perception, for instance, vision, sound, taste, smell, touch, pain, hunger, thirst, etc., each has its unique type of meta-impressions associated with the sense experiences. 

Meta-impressions are experienced even in memory or imagination of something. To understand from experience what meta-impressions are, close your eyes and think of a sour taste, think of how a rose smells, or how velvet feels to touch, or think of someone's face; what you experience during this exercise are not sensory perceptions but experiences of meta-impressions.

Meta-impressions give meaning and form to anything you experience—without them you wouldn't be able to recognize anything or know what anything is. They are themselves transparent, but they hold the essence of your 'understanding' and 'meaning' of the world you experience.

In his discourses and meditation sessions, Ashoi takes his audience through some profound pragmatic exercises involving the meta-impressions, so as to correctly practice and master the art of managing the mind in daily life (which he calls "mind-management"). With proper understanding and management of your meta-impressions you can manage most of your situations in life quite effectively.

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What is physical-costume?

Consider this: Scientists proclaim that the real world is nonphysical. On the other hand, we perceive a physical world. If we perceive the nonphysical as physical, then it becomes a matter of common sense that we do not perceive the real thing in the real world in its real form.

The physical world is an abstraction of the human brain-mind system—it is but a human being’s perception of reality. We can claim our perception of the world to be real only to the extent that we can claim that a person dressed up in a gorilla’s costume is really a gorilla. The paradox is that if the gorilla costume looks like the real thing and we have no knowledge of what’s inside, then we are left with our perceived reality of a gorilla and only a gorilla. The gorilla is then real and we are convinced of it too.

The brain-mind system of human beings (and perhaps many other creatures too) are designed to present the world dressed up in a ‘physical-costume’ (or 'physical costume') representation. You don’t experience the real world; rather you experience a world in your mind in the Mind Dimension that is but a physical-costume presentation. Even the body you experience as yours, or the bodies you see or touch of other people (and things), are not the real bodies of real people (and things) but merely physical-costume experiences of bodies created with PMM manifestations in the mind interface in the Mind Dimension.

The best part is this: the physical-costume and the real thing are in two separate realms, the Mind Dimension and the Real Dimension, respectively. Hence, ironically, the real thing is not even inside the physical-costume (such as being dressed up by the physical-costume). We experience the physical-costume in one location (realm) while the real thing is in another location (realm) altogether. The physical world we experience is in the Mind Dimension, while the real world is in the Real Dimension. This is the awesome reality of the world of our experience and it is awesome when you experience it as such.

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What is real self?

Scriptures say that man is deluded by dehătma-bhăva, which means 'believing that you are the body.' But which body is implied? The delusion really is: "believing that you are the body you experience.  

After all, you do have a real body; however, it is not the body you experience. The body you experience is but merely a physical-costume presented in the Mind Dimension, it is not your 'real body' in the Real Dimension.

The 'real self' is collectively the 'real body' in the Real Dimension and the 'mind organ' in the Mind Dimension. The mind organ is directly experienced as consciousness, but the real body is not. You can’t see or touch your real body (or anybody else's real body) with your senses of sight and touch, respectively, as they are but physical-costume perceptions in the mind in the Mind Dimension. The physical-costume you perceive falsifies your reality (and the world's) in the Real Dimension—you are not a 3D physical object—you are the multidimensional real deal.

Any real thing is composed of the fundamental stuff (the stuff everything in the universe is made of), which is itself not something that has material, spatial, and temporal form, but it can manifest as something. The unique conglomeration of the fundamental stuff comprising the entity's 'real self' in the form that constitutes its unique existence is referred to as the entity's 'spirit.' In other words, your real self is your spirit in the Real Dimension, and it also manifests as your consciousness in the Mind Dimension. 


The real self, your spirit, is nonphysical, nonspatial, and nontemporal, which is difficult to reconcile in presence of the physical-costume experiences pervading your mind, but it's nature is revealed by consciousness to consciousness in pure-state of SSP. The pure-state of SSP provides a non-descriptive insight of the nature of spirit—the insight transcends all descriptions. However, the manifold forms of manifestations of the spirit are experienced all the time when conscious. Through Ashoi's simple methods you can become aware of your spirit in its manifold forms of manifestations.

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What is SSP?

Contradictory to what we were taught in school, the human sensory perceptions consist of more than just the five senses of sight, sound, smell, taste, and touch. These five senses inscribe only one of the categories of human senses, namely, the External Sensory Perception. The senses of this type provide a human being the perceptual experience of the external world, and thus, they may also be referred to as the Worldly Sensory Perceptions.

The second category of human senses is the Internal Sensory Perception. The senses of this type provide a human being the perceptual experience of his/her body, and thus, they may also be referred to as the Bodily Sensory Perceptions. Examples of these are various kinds of internal somatic sensations, various pains in different parts of body, hunger, thirst, orgasm, fatigue, suffocation, numbness, etc.

Human beings have a third category of sensory perception, which is perhaps the most important of all, namely, the Spiritual Sensory Perception (SSP). Spiritual experience, or sense of the spirit, is actually a type of sensory perception. Spiritual experience is not just some vague idea or imagination of the spirit, but indeed a sensory perception of the spirit. The self and everything in the universe is comprised of spirit at various levels of sprit-strata. Although all  human beings are designed with SSP and even though we experience it all the time, people are not consciously aware of their SSP in what it really is, primarily because people have failed to recognize its reality. People have misidentified their SSP senses.

SSP is a very broad and important subject. But, here, let's mention a couple of important points: 1) In pure-state of SSP consciousness one experiences the nature of the spirit that the self is composed of, namely, nonphysical, nonmaterial, nonlocal, nonspatial, and nontemporal. 2) The most important role of SSP in human lives is to provide the sense of the spirit's state within and without, providing us the information of whether the spirit is in harmony or disharmony. We can then either choose to base our actions to establish harmony or ignore the information and create disharmony within and without. How well we do in our relationships depends on how effectively we use our SSP senses at any given moment.

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What is real relationship?

If you don’t have insight of the real nature of something, if you don’t know much about its real existence, if you are not consciously attuned with its real state of being, then you don’t have a real relationship with it. If you know something only through imagination, only through perceptions of physical-costume meta-impressions, then you only know a fictitious thing. When you pursue a relationship with a fictitious thing then the relationship is also fictitious, not real. A fictitious relationship is a superficial relationship.

Would you prefer superficial relationships with your spouse, parent, child, friend, and the world, or would you prefer real relationships? Certainly, we would all like to nurture real relationships, however, we don’t—perhaps because we are not aware that we don’t. An experience of a relationship is only as real as the reality of the entities the relationship  is between. Ordinarily, people only have physical-costume impressions of self and others. And ironically the physical-costumes are what people think they actually are. Hence, we pass judgments on these physical-costume impressions manifested in our own minds in the Mind Dimension, and accordingly the relationships we form are between these physical-costume impressions—the real people are missing in the picture in such superficial virtual-reality relationships.

Superficial relationships bring about disharmony in the real selves of people when the real selves are neglected and only the physical-costumes are focused upon. Then how can people attain the harmony they desire in life? After all, the physical-costume impression is but as dead a thing as the impression (so to speak) on a virtual-reality computer monitor. Harmony and disharmony are states of the real self, the real spirit comprising the self. To experience harmony in all modes of life, one has to attune with the reality of the real self and real others. 

Harmony in the self and the world is only possible when you pay heed to SSP. After all that is the reason for you having SSP to begin with—its your intuitive sense of the spirit and it manifests to bring awareness of your spirit's state. When you are attuned with the real self and real others then you are automatically bound to take the right actions to bring about harmony in the real self and the real world.

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What is real spirituality?

What is spirituality? People have different ideas about what they mean by spirituality or being spiritual. But can one be truly spiritual if one is not aware of the reality of the real self?...if one is not aware that the real world is in the Real Dimension while the world that's perceived is a virtual-reality interface in the Mind Dimension?...if one misidentifies the perceived-self (physical-costume and meta-impressions) to be the real self? Not likely.

Spirituality requires one to be aware of the real self and to nurture the spirit of the real self into harmony with the world. This is but real spirituality. 

Real spirituality is but one of the natural states of being—a state of the entire real self (the real body as well as the mind, collectively) attuned with reality. It is not a ritualistic practice. Rather, it is the awareness of the underlying real self, the spirit, at all times, and a natural movement of harmonizing the real self spirit with the spirit of Nature. It is a state attained to naturally with the purity of consciousness and attunement with truth.

If you want to nurture your natural spiritual state of being, then you should focus on attaining the knowledge and insight of the nature of your reality. That's it! It's as simple as that. When you attain that, and are constantly in that state of awareness of reality, then you have transcended the ordinary state of consciousness—then you are a being in a state of spiritual consciousness. That's living a life of real spirituality.



Mind Dimension (the book) by Ashoi - [First Edition]

[NOTE: The book reveals many important things about the mind, our reality, the Mind Dimension, and the Real Dimension that are not discussed on this website. Currently this website's primary focus is to introduce only the basics.] 

[CLICK HERE FOR: Index of the Chapters in the book, Mind Dimension (1st.Ed.)]

Ashoi: "My objective is to share with my fellow human beings a very important scientific revelation of our existence by revealing an important fact of our reality, namely..." [CLICK HERE, READ & THINK ABOUT THIS IMPORTANT FACT!]

Ashoi takes his audience through a pragmatic process of scrutiny of one's own experiences and quite magically reality reveals itself. He has invented simple instruments and systematic methods, specially designed to help any earnest student to attain insight of reality and attain self-realization. 

The book addresses many issues. To view the short list, click: [LIST OF INSIGHTS]

Ashoi: "Let us bring insight of reality to all those who aspire it. To attain insight of truth is more than a self-gratifying endeavor; it is but one's duty toward existence. People, in general, are unaware of reality, and therefore live delusive lives, causing themselves and others unnecessary pain and suffering. It's time for humanity to awaken to truth!

"In the past, human beings at large were not yet ready to make these revelations their own. From those sages ten thousand years ago to some among us today, only a small number of human beings have had these revelations; however, this century we are going to see a major leap in human evolution...it's time for a revolution in human consciousness."

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Mind Is Not the Brain? 

Is your mind same as your brain or different? 

The Whole World Is Your Mind 

World you experience is, in and of itself, your own mind in the Mind Dimension. 

Experience It! Not Merely Philosophically Understand It 

You should not accept anything at face value. Don't merely understand these things philosophically, but directly experience the facts as they really are.

Appreciate Your Virtual-Reality World in the Mind Dimension 

When you have deep insight, you'll begin to appreciate the Mind Dimension. 

Nature of Perceived Worlds And the Real World 

Each species is designed to generate and manifest unique kinds of virtual-reality worlds. Which one of these worlds best describes the nature of the Real World?

You Are Two! 

You are not one, but two! The 'self' is not 'one-self' but 'two-selves'. The one you ordinarily experience is perceived-self. The self that is real, is oblivious to you. 

Who Is Your Relationship With? - Real vs. Superficial Relationship! 

If a person is not aware of 'real self', 'real people' and 'real world' in the Real Dimension then the person can't consciously nurture 'real relationship'. Then the person is merely tangled in superficial relationships between the virtual-reality physical-costume of 'perceived-self' and others. Learn to nurture real relationship.


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Reality of the Sensory World (PART 1)


Reality of the Sensory World (PART 2)


Reality of the Sensory World (PART 3)


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Are you ready for scientific truth?

Truth is:

The physical world that you experience at this moment, and think that it is the real world, is but not the real world. The physical world you experience is created by your brain and it is a manifestation comprising your own consciousness. However, you don't experience your brain, which is in the Real Dimension, rather, you experience a 3D world of physical senses manifested in the Mind Dimension. 

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Real world is not experienced--it exists in the REAL DIMENSION    The world you experience manifests in the MIND DIMENSION