Ashoi: "I have devised simple methods to help an earnest person who is seeking truth to attain the profound insight of the world of his/her consciousness. Sometimes it takes only a few minutes and the person is awakened to reality."

"People across the globe are unaware of the reality of the world they consciously experience. When a person first approaches me, I ask: 'do you know what consciousness is?', 'do you know what your mind is?', and 'do you know where your mind is?' The person either has never thought about these issues, or has false notions about them. Then I ask: 'can you experience the real world?' And the typical response is: 'Of course, I am experiencing it right now!' Verily almost all human beings are enthralled by such false convictions. With only a few exceptions, the entire human population has thus far been deluded about reality. However, this century we are going to bring about a revolutionary shift in human consciousness of reality all across the globe."

"Unless the delusion is wiped away, truth can't be experienced. The converse is also true. The feat of unraveling truth is almost impossible to achieve when truth is veiled by untruth. The experience is then of the veil, the untruth, the untruth that cunningly appears disguised as truth. To experience truth, the veil has to be removed. Removing the veil is impossible when the person isn't even aware of the veil. A sage who is familiar with the veil and its manifold aspects can help a person identify the veil so that it can be easily removed."

"The sage is able to help the person achieve an extraordinary feat so easily that sometimes the sage's work may go unappreciated and underestimated. It takes deep insight of its own to appreciate the sage's work that makes difficult things seem easy, and the obscured readily obvious."

"It is necessary to have direct insight of the reality of whatever it is you experience, not merely hypothetically think or philosophize about its reality. A person may have read or heard some philosophical theory of reality, but that is merely a philosophical concept after all. It is not the direct insight of reality (in and of itself). Let’s use this analogy: Knowledge of a philosophical theory (a concept) of the nature of ‘xyzabc’ is not the experience of ‘xyzabc’ in and of itself. Hence, it is not sufficient to merely know about or think about the reality of 'xyzabc', but it is necessary to have a direct insight of the reality of 'xyzabc' as you experience 'xyzabc' in and of itself for what it is. My methods systematically take a person from the knowledge stage into the direct personal experience of the nature of ‘xyzabc’ in and of itself."

"One has to be readily available to embrace the nature of one's own reality; otherwise the experience will only be temporary. Some people are extremely self-assertive—the unruly ego is their biggest enemy—the ego makes them loose insight of truth as soon as they get it; consequently, reality becomes once again veiled by untruth."

"The sage is well aware of the cosmic law that governs the universe. Some retaliation by certain members of the species is to be expected; it is but Nature's way of managing the rate at which evolution in a given species occurs. That's why we have been designed with ignorance, rebellion, rigidity, ingratitude, egoism, self-assertion, pride, arrogance, etc., even weak memory (as we forget the truth and the deliverer of the truth), as built-in mechanisms that slow down self-evolution and consequently slow down the evolution of the species."

"On the other hand, each one of us can fight our natural primitive tendencies that errupt within and through self-realization help promote the evolution of our species. A person should appreciate the sage's contribution and support the cause by uniting with the sage in spreading the truth throughout the world."

"Keep in mind that even a deep insight of truth one moment can be completely replaced with ignorance in the subsequent moment; the insight is not guaranteed to last. One has to work at it constantly to maintain an equilibrium within and perpetually behold reality and be attuned with truth. When the practice is continued over a long period, with minimal interruptions, the consciousness is gradually purified of obscurities and the spirit from which the consciousness rises is established in harmony and bliss."

"My work has been geared to help people identify the veil of untruth and remove it, thus attaining insight of truth. Reality is not easily obvious even to the best of scientists and spiritual leaders. If reality were easily obvious then by now the scientific reality of the realms of the Mind Dimension and the Real Dimension would have been common knowledge in the world. Then the fact that human beings do not and cannot experience the real world in the Real Dimension would not have been as oblivious to most people as it has been thus far."

"People fight and kill each other in vain, desiring possessions of material things and territories they can't even directly experience. Where is the question of possessing something when you ordinarily can't even experience it? Our quarrels are based upon our expereinces and values manifested in our virtual-reality worlds, for which we end up hurting the real selves, and harming the real world, in the Real Dimension. Think about this: human beings are engaged in superficial fictitious relationships between virtual-reality physical-costumes, while the real persons (their spirits) are hurting and disharmonious in the Real Dimension."

"We are naturally bound to be harmonious when we pay heed to the real self and real people in the real world and their real needs. But first we have to attain the insight of truth. My work is to bring this necessary insight to humanity. Any noble and insightful person can appreciate the importance of this work. I ask for your support of this effort. I thank you in advance."