Note on the term 'Dimension'

The term “Dimension” does not pertain to ‘measure,’ ‘magnitude;' instead it refers to a ‘realm,’ a ‘field,’ in which something exists. Hence, the term "Mind Dimension" refers to the realm or the field of the world we experience, it is the realm of the mind.

In science fiction the term ‘dimension’ often refers to a parallel world or a parallel plane of existence. Experience of another world (beside the real one) has been considered humanly impossible and thus deemed fictional. But we are not discussing fiction here. This is not science fiction. This is a scientific reality. This is a very serious matter of our existence. Hitherto you may have been unaware of the reality of the world you experience, however, from this moment onward, you have to always realize this scientific fact of your existence: You are experiencing the realm not in which the real world exists, but the magnificent realm of virtual-reality world, the Mind Dimension.

You should become aware that this very moment your experience is of a parallel world (parallel to the real world), an awesome virtual-reality world in the magnificent Mind Dimension! You have to learn to appreciate the world you experience for what it is. Then you will begin to admire its beauty and grandeur, and hence your own.