Ashoi: "Although we exist in the real world in the Real Dimension, we do not directly experience the real world; rather, we experience a virtual-reality world in a parallel realm, the Mind Dimension."
"These are not philosophical concepts but scientific facts. I have devised instruments and systematic methods to help you attain these scientific revelations directly yourself. These scientific revelations are going to have revolutionary impact on our outlook of 'self' and the world. Consider this:  
  • You are right now experiencing a parallel universe, which is not even a real universe as such! It's virtual-reality stuff. You are experiencing a 3D virtual-reality world manifested in your 3D virtual-reality system a 3D display a parallel realm of existence, the Mind Dimension. Do you realize what this reveals about 'what' the so-called 'human being' really is?
Think! If a given entity is designed with a virtual-reality system through which it is to interface and interact accordingly, by design, with the real world, through its experiences of virtual-reality world generated in its virtual-reality system interface, then what does that imply about 'the kind of being' that entity (e.g., a human being) is? I don't have to say it out loud! You are intelligent enough to it figure out yourself."