Question: Where is your mind localized as you experience it?

In the book, Mind Dimension, Ashoi explains that the answer becomes obvious when you undergo a systematic process of scrutiny.

Upon attaining the scientific understanding of the fact that the colossal physical world you experience is in your mind, or simply, is your mind, what follows?
You should ask yourself this: 'where does the world appear to be in my experience of it?'
The response routinely is this: 'Right where I experience it, as though out there.'
Well, if you have responded similarly then that's very good. So then, what follows?

As the world (the physical world) you experience is your mind, then it follows that:

your mind is (the very world) where you experience it

The world you experience, at any given present moment, is your mind in the Mind Dimension.

REALIZE THIS: Right now, this very moment, you are experiencing the Mind Dimension.

This is an extremely important reality-realization step in the self-realization process and the scientific understanding of reality. And this is just the begining. There are many more steps to go, each more revealing.